To be the best custom-made, eco-fashion brand.


A place where tradition meets contemporary, Dewy Lupin brings you carefully curetted fashion, handmade with utmost love and care.

We offer custom fit clothing as we are aware that every body type is different, and we celebrate this difference. Our priority is to make garments that maximize comfort for your body. 


The Idea behind the brand is that we want to provide custom made fashion in comfortable/natural fabrics which fits them right and many of the garments will adjust with their bodies even if they gain or lose few inches.

At Dewy Lupin we aim to explore the different and abundant art forms of India, infused with a contemporary twist in the form of modern silhouettes, prints or colors. The idea is to not only promote the concept of “homegrown” but also provide our consumers with knowledge about all the diverse crafts, which have their roots deep in the rich cultural heritage of India. In addition, we focus to empower women and provide livelihood to the skilled craftspeople throughout the country.


Sustainability is in our core, and we strive to adopt ways that prove to be friendly to our home planet. Whether it is minimizing wastage by using all resources to their utmost potential or avoiding the usage of tags as they are cut and thrown in most cases, we have taken conscious decisions to ensure that our products are not only lasting, but the entire process used to make them, is environmentally sound.